Somer makes a case for Ray Bradbury’s iconic classic, Fahrenheit 451.  We discuss life v. existence as well as how awesome wall-sized televisions could be.

NOTE: This original episode has since been deleted and recast with better audio quality in Episode 87.

Show Notes

First of all, there are many pieces written about this book and its current relevance, so I encourage you to use your Google-fu to read some interesting and intelligent thoughts on Fahrenheit 451.  Here’s a great place to start. That link also details the story that I reference in the episode about Bradbury arguing with college students about the book not being about censorship.  The man dropped the F-bomb, a word he reportedly never used, before he stormed out!  Check out that article because it also features some really great different covers of the book.

And, much to my annoyance, here is the link to the movie adaptations.  If’ I’m being unfair, and they are actually good, let me know!  I make no guarantees about my actually watching them, but I’d like to hear from you anyway.

Over the course of this podcast, I’ll be covering works by Ray Bradbury several times and I’ll never neglect to put this picture in the show notes.  It would be a travesty to do so!