This week, Somer makes a case for a more recent classic, The Satanic Verses. She explains the meaning of the title as well as the book itself. There’s also cause for a mini party in this episode regarding movie adaptation.

Show Notes

This week, I talk about The Satanic Verses.  I had to work hard to avoid giving away too much of the book while also making it sound interesting enough for someone to pick up and read.  It was tricky, but I’m pretty pleased.  The book and the whole hullabaloo surrounding it made for an interesting case, I think.

The show had a special shout out snippet today.  I wanted to showcase another podcast that deals primarily in books, Make Me Read Your Book!  Katie Southard is the host and I am a big fan of hers and this podcast.  She is a wonderful interviewer and she is very frank when she critiques the books that were recommended to her by their authors, and I like that.  Find the show’s page on Facebook, and follow along on Twitter and Instagram @MakeMeReadPod .  You’ll want to interact with this podcast online as Katie plays hashtag games and even does giveaways!