This week, I make a case for William Shakespeare, but with a twist. Don’t read his plays, watch them! I’ve got handy dandy links to help you with that in the show notes!

Show Notes

Alright, handy-dandy link time!  These are the links to the theaters that are streaming and/or showing Shakespearean plays online.

National Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Royal Shakespeare Company

And don’t forget to try your luck with YouTube.  If you have a performance in mind, do a search!  You’ll be surprised how many plays are on there.

For those interested in conspiracy theories and the one that believes that Shakespeare was an illiterate fraud, the History Goes Bump Podcast is the one that hosted the round table discussion that I referenced in the show.  Episode 198 Shakespeare and Ghosts.  Give it a listen!  It’s a great starting point to getting your conspiracy mind going!