It’s a comedic classic this week as I cover Miguel Cervantes’ classics, Don Quixote! No spoilers, but lots of cool info nonetheless!

Show Notes

I’m going to keep the links up for donating to end bigotry and oppression in our country. Those protesters are getting stuff DONE so support them! Black Lives Matter!

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

This is an incomplete list of places to donate, including bail funds for various cities around the country.  Check it out.

Here are the links relating to the episode:

Here’s the Wiki on the author of the “spurious” second part of Don Quixote…the one I couldn’t pronounce.

Here’s the Wiki on Cervantes himself, but in the show I talk about checking out the translation by John Ormsby because of the history on Cervantes he gives.  Both are worth checking out.  Speaking or Ormsby and translations, don’t forget to read the Edith Grossman translation and let me know how it is!

The Wiki on the history of Islam in Spain.

Interesting article about Don Quixote that’s a good starting point if you want to look into the deeper meanings of the work.

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