Today’s case is about someone so cool, she didn’t have to obey the rules of grammar! That’s bell hooks and she was a writer who had several works that should be read by anyone identifying as human.

Show Notes

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Here are the links relating to the episode:

Here’s the YouTube video that I mentioned about a thousand times in the episode.  It’s a must watch to get a first acquaintance with bell hooks.

This is the article that talks about bell’s sexuality.  If you’re curious.

Memories and Tribute to bell hooks.  I mentioned this in the episode as well.  Beautiful.

Celebrating her legacy.  This one is also beautifully written.

This is a little different, it’s an article in The Atlantic where the author writes a personal anecdote with bell hooks sort of at the center.

This is an article in The Guardian written by bell hooks.  It’s her criticism of the album Lemonade by Beyonce.

And this is a very quick rebuttal of bell’s criticism of Beyonce.