In honor of Black History Month, I talk about Frederick Douglass and, like, a fraction of his accomplishments. He was incredible.

Show Notes

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Here are the links relating to the episode:

10 Facts About Frederick Douglass. (This is the shortest read of the lot) did an actually great summary of Frederick Douglass and his life and accomplishments.  Worth a read.

This is an article about the speech that Douglass gave at an abolitionist’s convention that impressed the heck out of everybody.

An Uneasy Alliance Between Frederick Douglass and White Abolitionists.  READ THIS ONE.

Part of this was almost my reading for this episode, but I ran out of time.  Frederick Douglass did an AMAZING speech called “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?”  This is an article about it with snippets of the speech within.

Okay, this is another 10 things about Frederick Douglass list.  It’s good, though.